Baker & Spice is a deliciously scrumptious bakery café chain in Shanghai, China.

Turkish pide, chunky fruit loaves, to die for farmhouse carrot cake, delicious Danish pastries, sinful cakes, cupcakes and an extensive range of specialty hand crafted artisan sourdoughs, traditional baguettes, multigrain, fruit & nut, olive, corn and 100% Danish rye breads. We use our very own Baker & Spice coffee beans and import our own hand selected wines from Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, Austria and Italy - Unique labels at unbeatable prices. Baker & Spice also bakes for our parent company, Wagas
The first store opened in January, 2010. Today there are 5 stores situated in Shanghai’s most prestigious locations.

195 Anfu Lu t/5404 2733 f/5404 2732
Rm118 Shanghai Center, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu t/6289 8875 f/6289 8876
LG1-16 Shanghai ifc mall, 8 Century Ave t/3393 9981 f/3393 9982
L137 Pudong Kerry Parkside, 1378 Huamu Lu t/5015 2375 f/5015 2376
150 Grand Gateway Mall, 1 Hong Qiao Lu t/5423 1225 f/5423 1226
B127-129 K11 Mall, 300 Huaihai Lu t/6312 3361 f/6312 3362
Minhang (Opening in Summer)
Learn, laugh and contribute to our ever growing team. Great career opportunities for people who smile a lot and love what they do.

Job Vacancies:
Server / Senior Server, Barista, Cashier, Shift Leader, Supervisor, Cook / Senior Cook

Bakery Supervisor
‿Above Technical Secondary School, has over 3 years experience;
‿Has rich experience & good skills in crosant, has good health habit;
‿Have high team work spirit, communication skill and professional dedication;
‿Enthusiasm, hard working & good attitude;
‿Has related professional certificate & independent innovation is preferred.

If you are up for a challenge and have an energetic positive attitude, we would love to meet you! Please email HR at
A young-ish Dane had trouble finding a good sandwich in Shanghai, 1999. And so he opened a café - Wagas. The name Wagas came about after a few beers with friends, he simply liked the sound of it. His name is John Christensen. John is actually in the logistics business and has lived in China since 1995. When he is not doing the logistics thing, you will find him at one of the cafes eating a Wagas sandwich.

A young-ish Australian born New Guinean Chinese embarked on a Shanghai adventure in 1999. She left her Sydney café in an attempt to learn the Chinese language. John met Jackie by chance, and in Chinese that would be loosely described as Yuan fen. Jackie initially joined the company as shop manager in 2001 at the first Wagas located in Citic Square, and then later became John's business partner and of course good friend.

What our customers and teammates think of us is important and we believe any feedback is an integral part of our growth. So please feel free to send us your thoughts, questions or comments to
Baker & Spice with Baobei Foundation
More News

Baker & Spice now open in K11 at Huaihai Lu.

Baker & Spice wins 2012 City Weekend Best Café and Bakery award

BAKER & SPICE Grand Gateway Mall ‿NOW OPEN

2012- city weekend Best Cafe & Bakery Winner

CIRKA is now closed due to Shanghai Times Square 18 month building renovations.

Wine & Spice ‿We are now importing our own wines directly from Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Austria and France. Each Label was hand selected by Wagas founder, John Christensen.

2010, 2011 ‿That’s Shanghai Best bakery award
2010, 2011 ‿City weekend Best cafe award
Baker & Spice 50rmb / 100rmb gift vouchers available. Email
Oh, and Baker & Spice does not franchise. Should you require other information, please email
2012 BAKER & SPICE ICP07506310-2